General Art

The following, in conjunction with the "Art Check List", outlines the production specifications and additional charges for the successful completion of your project.


Art Specifications: Art must be output-ready digital files and should conform to the art specs found on our "Art Check List". Changes made after production begins will incur additional charges.

Job Changes: Job change orders that occur once a project is in our system may incur additional or duplicate charges as applicable. Changes may also affect scheduled delivery dates. To avoid additional charges or delays, nail down all loose ends prior to job submission.

Art Services: Any time art must be created or modified, art services will be billed at $75 per hour.

Proofs: Three proof options are available. 1) With each order and reorder you will be emailed a FREE 3-D color PDF proof of the art adjusted for the curve and taper of the cup. While not an accurate color proof, this PDF allows you to verify that the art is correct and generally the correct color. 2) For $50, you can order a color mock-up which is a digitally printed color sheet cut out and wrapped around a preformed cup. This mock-up gives you the basic look and feel of the cup. 3) A full production proof can be ordered for $200. Production proofs are recommended whenever color matching is critical and required on larger orders.

Color Targets: Send samples of printing or items to match for color when your order is placed.
We can't match your target if we can't see it!

PMS/Spot Colors: All PMS/Spot colors will be converted to 4-Color Process. When referencing a PMS color in a process color print, refer to a Pantone® COLOR BRIDGE® to see how the color translates when converted to CMYK. Most colors change when converted to CMYK.

Registration: Please allow 1/16" registration variance of the print to the product perimeter. We make every attempt to line up art in the seam area, but we cannot guarantee it.

Email & FTP: Submit files smaller than 3MB via email to your Sales Counselor. Files up to 80MB may be uploaded to Remember to also send a printed sample of what you expect the art to look like. Please visit our "Art Check List" for details on art submission.

Offset Lithography: All images are printed as submitted. Image resolution should be set at 300ppi – remember that effective image resolution is decreased when an image is enlarged in a layout program; so, images should be sized at 100%. When color is critical, we always recommend either a mock-up proof or a production proof.

Templates and Warping: Our standard templates are rectangles which are designed to facilitate adjusting the art for the curve of the cup. This adjustment, referred to as "warping", will slightly affect how all elements in the image look. Templates can be downloaded from

Copyrights: Customers warrant that all images supplied for reproduction, whether digital, conventional or otherwise, are unencumbered by copyright and other usage rights connected to the image(s) and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Visstun® for all claims and expenses for any actions in law that may result from the use of these images.

Separations, Files, Plates, & Dies: All separations, digital files, plates, and dies created by Visstun® remain factory property. Our storage policy is to keep these materials on file for 24 months. After 24 months, reorders are treated as new jobs and require new art and set-ups. Original art is returned on request.